WHUS Sessions

by Ashley Hamel

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released October 2, 2011

A small collection of songs from my College Years.

All songs by Ashley Hamel.
Recorded by Chelsea Dodds at the WHUS 91.7 studios, Storrs, CT in March 2010.



all rights reserved


Ashley Hamel Hartford, Connecticut

I write emotionally honest songs, whether they're playful or serious.

"By the Window" is the first part of my journey. Living in Fantasy and coming back to Reality with love and resolve.

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Track Name: Firelight
We were young when the tides broke free.
Who knows when they'll return to the sea?

You were young not so long ago,
Growing up as your heart broke.

I paint myself as a picture of perfection
But inside I'm filled with poison.
I like to live without form or direction;
I can't accept effects of my choices.

She said, "You're a wind spirit,
You go where you please."
But, my gusts, they knocked you down
And I cannot be free.

I was young when I bared my fangs to you,
Thinking that one bite could cause no harm to you

I like to think that love is a present,
But I threw yours on the floor.
I said some things, and at the time I really meant it,
But now I'm not so sure.

Spinning 'round faster, and I cannot feel my toes.
In the firelight, some things do not show.

When I look at you, I can't help but to think
Of your grieving and my shame.
You look at me, and your blue eyes do not blink
Oh I cannot live with your pain.

Cause I see your dying eyes everywhere I go.
In the firelight, everything has a glow.

I was young, and the tide swept me away...

Ashley Hamel
Track Name: Poster Child
Look around the world you see,
Where fighting is "the first degree",
And everyone is full of this great Fear.
Believe in all this hatred, and discrimination, racism.
Oh please oh please oh make it disappear.

It's living with all these hyphens,
Been a hybrid all my life
I been complaining about what it's supposed to mean.
Check this box and it will be
Your own forsaken identity.
Now doesn't it make you wanna scream?

I feel so heavy...

I need to find the words that hurt to find.
And define all of the fears that I disguise.
I hide behind the lies that live inside
These hybrid eyes...
These hybrid, human eyes they cry for us tonight...

After all the melodrama goes away,
All I wanna do is find someone to hear me sing.
Cause even though there's no one listening,
There is no one out there who is speaking,
So tell me tell me, are you afraid?

Well here I am, I'm singing loud.
I'm another motherfucker proud
And so what, I got another name for God?
I date Italians who think I'm wild,
I have a really skimpy style.
So don't make me your poster child.

I feel so ready...

To sing so loud these words that I have found,
To sink below the surface so I drown.
Well it's these words they hold you down they hold you down.
Well it's these words, these wounds to whom we are bound.

Yes we are bound...
We're bound to bear the pain but never make a sound
We're bound to bear the weight til we're six feet underground.

Ashley Hamel
Track Name: Cuando Tú Regresas
Cuando tú regresas,
Te amaré más y más.

Cuando estás sola
Y no hay nadie que me conoce,
Recuerda cuando dormimos en mi hamaca.
Recuerda que te amaba.
Y si no puedes esperar,
Dime si tu amor se acaba.

During the month of Ramadan, I suck
Cause I can't resist temptation.
And I only tell you this cause I'm scared.
And you should be scared.

Cause you don't know that I was numb.
And you don't know how many hearts I've won.
And you don't know what I have done,
But I have never loved anyone as much as

I love you more than I can tell
But I don't trust myself.

So here we are, we're far apart,
And with nothing in my heart,
I'll walk these streets alone.
And I can't say that I'm unhappy.
I've got my friends and I've got my family,
But I want you to know that

Hasta mi regreso,
Guardaré mi amor.
Cuando tú regresas,
Te amare más y
Hasta mi regreso,
Guardaré mi corazón.

Ashley Hamel
Track Name: Infinity
I sit by my window, liberated.
The screens and my dreams released to the wind.
Who knew you'd catch them
And hold them in your presence?
Little by little
You return them all.

I find new feeling in familiar songs
Changed by perception, understood anew
And I thought that I knew everything
But I didn't know myself,
Virgin wilderness

I still stare at the stars, infinity.
Their power so strong, it scares you I know.
The unknown needn't bring fear,
But bring you closer to me,
The vast galaxy
In infinite eyes.

Ashley Hamel